Prism has used its engineering skills to assist GSI Group Ltd, a Rugby-based laser manufacturing company, to break into the growing fibre laser products market.

Prism has helped to design and manufacture a number of printed circuit boards that are central to GSI’s new fibre laser, which is now being rolled out to selected GSI Group customers.

Fibre lasers are constructed differently to conventional lasers. Instead of using mirrors, laser rods and optical surfaces they are made from fibre devices. One significant advantage of this type of laser is that there is no need for alignment, adjustment or cleaning of optical surfaces once the laser has been built, making the device easier to use and maintain in operation.

Peter Bennett, GSI’s Global sourcing manager, said: “The development approach has been a collaborative one and we are delighted with the amount of effort that Prism has put into the project.

“I think one of Prism’s greatest attributes has been patience because this product has taken some time to develop. Up to now we have required relatively low quantities of components and Prism has worked hard to deliver exactly what we wanted when we needed it, clearly demonstrating a long term approach to business development.”

Development work first began on these laser systems almost two years ago. GSI selected Prism not only because it had the technical expertise to produce the board but also because it could support GSI through the whole production process, adopting a collaborative, iterative approach throughout the process.

Fibre lasers are used in a number industrial applications including aerospace, automotive and medical devices. Processes include cutting, drilling, welding and marking, where a high degree of precision is required.

Peter Bennett added: “This current project is the first step on a programme of development of a family of products based on the same technology. It has proved to be a lengthy process but it is clearly important that we get the technology right now, to provide a firm foundation for any future development.

“Our experience to date with Prism makes them the natural choice for any such developments and we look forward to working with them to forge a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.”