Providing A Leading Role in Cinematography

Honoured at the 85th Academy Awards® in the category of Scientific & Technical, Cooke Optics gives leading role to ‘Prism’ A leading manufacturer of cinematic camera lenses, Cooke Optics of Leicester, UK, continues to provide Cambridgeshire-based Prism Electronics, a ‘Best Factory’ award winner itself, with the leading role as their contract manufacturer of its printed circuit board assemblies. Since 1894­­­, [...]

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Company Leaves UK – But Retains Prism as Reliable and Responsive Manufacturing Partner

A world leading manufacturer of innovative medical equipment has retained St Ives-based contract electronics manufacturer Prism Electronics Limited as its lead supplier of electronic circuit boards. Prism is a reliable and responsive manufacturing partner in the UK and overseas. The company relocated overseas but maintained its links with Prism as a supplier because of long-standing relationships and a [...]

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Prism Customers Benefit from Training

St Ives (Cambridgeshire) based contract electronics manufacturer Prism Electronics Limited ( continues to invest in high level vocational training intended to develop highly motivated staff focussed on supporting customer needs. Customer service and marketing communications officer Lindsay Webb has completed the government-funded Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 3. The NVQ teaches lean manufacturing business improvement and project management techniques, focussing [...]

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Prism Investment Reduces Risks for Customers Launching New Products

Cambridgeshire contract electronics manufacturer Prism Electronics has improved its production infrastructure in order to deliver greater responsiveness and an additional level of support to its customers. Prism Electronics has made a significant investment in new NPI software in order to streamline data management to help reduce time to market and cut costs for its customers.. Despite an uncertain [...]

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Prism Service Nets Gas Detection Instrument Contract

St Ives (Cambridgeshire) based contract electronics manufacturing services provider Prism Electronics Limited has secured a substantial contract to assist in the production of state-of-the-art gas detection equipment. Pictured from left to right with the new Cub PID monitor are Prism account manager Glen Dear, Ion Science engineering director Graham Davies and David Dickin, Prism’s business development director. Ion [...]

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Prism Marks 20 Year Supply Relationship With Domino

Prism and long standing customer Domino Printing Sciences plc are toasting two decades of successful collaboration. The companies’ relationship continues after Domino enjoyed record sales in 2008 that have built on 30 years of uninterrupted growth. Domino develops, manufactures and supports a world-leading range of coding, marking and printing technologies including industrial ink jet. Prism Electronics has been providing contract [...]

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AngioDynamics Retains Prism As High Reliability Manufacturing Partner

AngioDynamics, formally Diomed, is retaining Prism as its lead supplier of electronic circuit boards for its ground-breaking DELTA surgical diode laser. The decision follows the acquisition of Diomed by AngioDynamics. AngioDynamics is a world leader in the manufacture of medical equipment for the treatment of cancer and peripheral vascular disease. Its Cambridge-based facility is an industry leader in vein care [...]

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Prism Flare For Detail Helps 10G vNIC Controller Developer Shine

Prism has secured a contract to provide highly complex PCBs for the development of 10 Gigabit high speed Ethernet cards. Solarflare Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Ethernet semiconductor solutions, has selected Prism to supply PCBs for the engineering evaluation of its new 10 Gigabit reference design cards that are being produced at its development centre in Cambridge. Prism [...]

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Prism and CME Deliver Interactive Dining Experience Inamo

Prism has helped Cambridge Micro Engineering (CME) deliver an innovative automated menu ordering system to a pioneering new London restaurant. The delivery of the new system was possible due to a longstanding close link between the two companies. Inamo is an Oriental fusion restaurant and bar in Soho, central London, where control of the dining experience is placed in the [...]

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Prism Wins Trans-Atlantic Contract

Prism has secured a contract to supply printed circuit boards (PCBs) to a US manufacturer of niche industrial inkjet printers. The US company’s latest product is an industrial inkjet printer which uses technology developed in the UK by Xennia of Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Xennia undertook the initial design, engineering development work and production of prototype printers. It worked closely with Prism [...]

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