Electronic Component Logistics and Management

Much more than simply material handing our logistics department manage procurement, component optimisation, cost control and supply chain management. Supported by our materials control software we can optimise our purchasing to minimise costs while achieving flexibility of demand.

Through component market knowledge and mature working relationships with leading franchised distributors and specialist component suppliers, our experienced logistics team is able to source high quality components internationally whilst minimising material cost, lead-time and inventory.

Our modern ERP system enables us to respond rapidly to any changes in material demand and availability.

Prism Offers

  • Full or part procurement of materials or free-issue kits
  • Supply chain management
  • Component Optimisation (availability, price, quality, lead-times)
  • Scheduling of components
  • Supplier Quality Assessments
  • Solutions for component obsolescence
  • Cost reduction programmes and alternative component sourcing
  • Sourcing and handling of RoHS compliant materials
  • Traceability of components

Achieved Using

  • ERP software
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Kan-Ban or MRP driven deliveries
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory