A complete surface mount assembly capability including screen print, multiple MyData Pick & Place, pre and post-flow AOI along with both convection oven and Vapour Phase reflow processes.


Our surface mount assembly capability is built upon our robust New Product Introduction (NPI) process employed for every new product. We perform an automated inspection using a ‘HawkEye’ enabled DEK screen printer to ensure process repeatability during the paste printing operation. During pick & place we present components using tape & reel, JEDEC trays and waffle-packs. Our attention to process control continues through Automatic Optical Inspections (AOI) at both pre-flow and post-flow stages. Solder reflow is performed utilising either a multi-zone convection oven or through a vapour phase reflow (VPR) system.

  • Standard package outlines down to 01005(Imp)
  • Fine pitch placement of micro BGA and QFN
    IPC9850 Fine Pitch Repeatability 3σ (X, Y, Theta) – 21μm 0.05˚
    IPC9850 Fine Pitch Accuracy @ Cpk 1.33 ((X, Y, Theta) – 35μm 0.09˚
  • Panel sizes up to 300mm x 410mm
  • Rigid and Flexi panels, including FR4, Aluminium
  • Automated component value verification prior to placement
  • Vapour-Phase or Convection Oven reflow available

Surface Mount Assembly (SMA) describes the mounting of electronic components to the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) in preference to inserting components through holes within the board as is the case with ‘conventional‘ plated through-hole PTH assembly.  SMA was originally developed to drive down manufacturing costs and facilitate PCB miniaturisation through increased component density within a given PCB area. The technology continues to promote  increasingly complex electronic assemblies leading to ever smaller form factors with the added reliability of process automation.

Surface Mount Assembly


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