Reduce Your Risk

Prism provides complete manufacturing solutions with highly experienced engineers and full diagnostic support to ensure customer products always conform to their test specifications.

Our extensive test experience is of particular benefit to our customers at the front end of new product development where designed-in testability can greatly reduce the total product costs.

Test requirements are always discussed with our customers at an early stage so that appropriate choices can be made.

Prism offers extensive test capability including

  • Custom Test Equipment Design and Development
  • On-the-fly component verification during surface mount assembly
  • Manual investigations using bench top instruments
  • Functional Test rigs (manual or automatic)
  • Substitution systems (‘Hot rigs’)
  • Custom-developed, PC-based automatic test systems
  • Electrical safety testing of complete boxed products
  • Soak testing
  • Skilled diagnostic and de-bug services
  • Boundary scan, XJtag test and diagnostic
  • X-ray
  • Temperature cycling facilities (environmental testing)
  • Flash/device programming
  • Support and maintenance of customer test equipment
  • Management of customer test equipment calibration