We can provide rework and modification services to commercial customers. These can be both SMT and PTH requirements and includes BGA and components to 0201 replacement


There are occasions when product rework or modifications may be required. Our skilled production staff are capable of removing, cleaning and replacing a wide range of components from fully populated PCB’s. Reworked product is always subject to IPC-A-610 inspection to ensure that your product remains compliant. Unfortunately our PCB rework and repairs service is only available to Commercial customers.

Our focused Infra-Red rework station is a reliable and fully controlled system for removing and replacing Surface Mount Devices, (SMD’s) including BGA, CSP, QFN and Flip-chip packages. The precisely controlled and focused heating capability reduces the inherent risks associated with overheating adjacent components to those under repair.

  • SMD replacement down to 0201 outline
  • uBGA, BGA, QFN, CSP and removal and replacement
  • Revision upgrades and software updates
  • Box-Build modifications and servicing
  • Removal and replacement of counterfeit components
  • IPC-A-610 compliant
  • J-STD-001 compliant

The need to rework or re-manufacture electronics products can be necessary for all manner of reasons. These can be cosmetic concerns that require specialised cleaning, component replacement(s) due to systematic issues or firmware/software updates to resolve bugs or add functionality. Reworking multiple layer double-sided printed circuit boards present some challenges.  This will usually require specialist knowledge, handling and equipment to complete successfully. Care must always be taken not to subject the assembly and adjacent components to overheating during the rework process.



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