Local Cambridgeshire contract electronics manufacturer Prism Electronics is promoting mental heath in the workplace by sending Account Manager Lindsay Webb on a mental health first aid course. The course is designed and delivered by St John Ambulance to raise awareness of mental health and provide learners with basic knowledge of how to recognise when someone may be experiencing poor mental health.

Speaking about the training St Johns Ambulance said: “Our Mental Health First Aid courses take a uniquely practical approach to creating competent and confident workplace first aiders. Mental health first aiders can spot the signs and respond to the mental and physical health needs of a person experiencing a mental health issue.”

Lindsay said of the course “I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to do this course. I am passionate about mental health and I really wanted to learn more about how to support my colleagues. The course was challenging but the training was extensive and I was really happy when I got the email confirming I had passed the exam!” By passing the exam Lindsay gained FutureQuals Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider qualification, valid for three years.

Having mental health support in the workplace has never been more important. 1 in 6 people are now said to have experienced a mental health issue with poor mental health accounting for 15% of employee sick days. This number is believed to be higher as the stigma surrounding mental health still means some people will not admit this is the reason for their absence.

It is why having mental health support in the workplace is so critical. Lindsay explained it is not about trying to treat anyone or solve all their problems, mental health first aid is about support. “It can be anything from a simple conversation, to providing information on who can help best. I am not trained to diagnose or treat, a mental health first aider simply provides a safe space for people to get support and advice.”

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