Honoured at the 85th Academy Awards® in the category of Scientific & Technical, Cooke Optics gives leading role to ‘Prism’

A leading manufacturer of cinematic camera lenses, Cooke Optics of Leicester, UK, continues to provide Cambridgeshire-based Prism Electronics, a ‘Best Factory’ award winner itself, with the leading role as their contract manufacturer of its printed circuit board assemblies.

Leading role for Prism

Since 1894­­­, Cooke has been leading the way in the camera lens manufacturing, increasingly deploying complex electronics within its designs, as their customers demand enhanced features from cameras and lenses. In order to focus on its key strengths, it has been outsourcing the manufacture of its flagship products’ electronics to Prism Electronics since 2017.

Prism Electronics, a contract electronics manufacturer (CEM) since 1991, provides regular scheduled deliveries of fully tested and programmed PCBAs to Cooke Optics.  The assemblies are built through Prism’s surface mount and conventional pin-in-hole assembly lines before heading to electrical final test through bespoke test equipment. Cooke has a long-standing tradition of utilising UK suppliers wherever possible, placing significant value on the quality, flexibility and customer service.

“Our aim to fully understand our customers and their product’s applications” said Prism Electronics Account Manager Glen Dear, “….and in the case of Cooke, the end application is particularly interesting — especially when you realise quite how many iconic movies have been produced using Cooke equipment. Their pedigree stems through to the beginning of cinematography itself from early Chaplin works to popular favourites such as “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Sound of Music”, “Goldfinger” and “Star Wars”. More recently, they have been involved in the hugely successful and 2019 Oscar® winning “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the global success of TV series’ such as “Games of Thrones” and “The Crown”.

“Whilst our respective end products and manufacturing processes are very different, the ethos of both Cooke and Prism are very similar,” said Alan Merrills, Chief Operating Officer, Cooke Optics. “While quality is key, Cooke — like Prism — always listens to its customers and filmmakers needs with a view to constantly evolve their products and services. Their business is based on tried and tested disciplines that they look to constantly develop and enhance.”

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