Cambridgeshire-based Prism Electronics have once again increased their capabilities and capacity with a significant investment in new Mycronic equipment.



The contract electronics manufacturer has invested almost a quarter of a million pounds in the latest Mycronic MY300 high-speed and high precision ‘Pick-and-Place’ machine for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.

The equipment rapidly selects and positions individual components onto each circuit board. It replaces older equipment and works in tandem with a similar machine so that more complex PCBs can be produced quicker and with even greater accuracy.

“Electronics manufacturing technology develops almost as rapidly as electronics themselves. With components becoming ever smaller, this investment again increases our capacity and accuracy. It’s an important investment which keeps our capabilities ahead of competitors” says David Aspinall, Managing Director of Prism Electronics.

Prism Electronics produce printed circuit boards and other electronics used within products in areas including instrumentation, medicine, transportation, communications, security, telemetry and industrial applications.

The Swedish-made Mycronic MY300 is billed by its producers as the world’s most sophisticated pick-and-place machine for electronics manufacturing and can position up to 24,000 individual components in a single hour.

Once all the components have been placed on the circuit board, they typically pass through a Vapour Phase Reflow machine which solders the electrical joins by enveloping the board in gas which is heated to a precise temperature.

Prism Electronics have also recently invested in new supporting software, including the latest version of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which helps them control manufacturing, resources and distribution, as well as finance and HR.

“In addition to being an astonishingly fast and accurate piece of equipment, it was amazing how quickly and smoothly the installation went. We switched off the older machine on the Thursday lunchtime and by Tuesday the MY300 was in and up and running” adds David Aspinall.

David, and Technical Director, Richard Walton, formed Prism Electronics in 1991. Seeing a growing need for the contract manufacturing of electronics, they conducted a management buy-out from their then employer and have now enjoyed three decades of success.

Today, Prism Electronics delivers printed circuit board assembly and contract electronic manufacturing on a small-to-medium scale for use in many specialist and high-tech products.

In addition to manufacturing, they work closely with clients to develop and test solutions and ensure their electronics deliver outstanding performance and durability.

“We always start by listening. We’ve developed a reputation with our clients for adding value through our flexibility and experience. Being UK-based, we can be with our clients that day should they need our support and expertise” concludes David Aspinall.

This latest investment in equipment comes at a busy time for Prism Electronics as they support many clients with projects both delayed and accelerated by the pandemic.

The Mycronic MY300 has enhanced their capacity as they continue to achieve high levels of quality typically only associated with high-volume manufacturing.

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