Cambridgeshire-based Prism Electronics are celebrating 30 years producing circuit boards which have been at the heart of many products.

30-Years-of-contract-electronics-manufacturing prism electronics

The electronics experts produce printed circuit board assemblies which are used in products ranging from instrumentation and telecommunications to transportation and security. Now they are celebrating 30 years of success whilst embarking on exciting plans for the decades ahead.

“It’s fantastic to think of the breadth and depth of products for which we’ve produced electronics. Great leaps have been made, not only in electronics, but in the technology and processes we use to manufacture them” says David Aspinall, Managing Director and Co-founder.

Prism Electronics was established in 1991 when electronics experts David Aspinall and Richard Walton formed the company through a management buy-out of the manufacturing division of their then employer.

“Contract electronics manufacturing was not yet well developed as a sector. We saw an opportunity to be successful, not only by delivering on-time and to a high standard, but with all the added-value our skills and experience could offer” says David Aspinall.

From their operations in St Ives, Prism Electronics have produced printed circuit board assemblies and other electronics for products in areas including instrumentation, medicine, transportation, communications, security, telemetry and industrial applications.

One of Prism Electronics’ longest standing clients is fellow Cambridgeshire-based Domino Printing Sciences, which produces high-speed industrial printers for adding both text and machine-readable data (such as Best Before dates, batch/tracking codes and anti-counterfeit serialisation) onto mass-produced products like food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Their relationship dates back to the earliest days of Prism Electronics.

“The quality of what Prism Electronics supplies has always been first-class, but it’s the people that truly make the difference. Each member of my team that works with Prism enjoys such a good relationship. It also helps that they’re right here in the UK,” says Ian Whitehead, Purchasing Manager at Domino Printing Sciences.

As well as supplying electronic assemblies for current and new products, Prism Electronics has also been of particular support to Domino Printing Sciences with obsolescence management by manufacturing key components when stocks or existing supply relationships have ended.  “I recall in 2009 we underwent a major rationalisation of our suppliers. Our relationship with Prism Electronics wasn’t in doubt; they’re a true lifetime partner.”

Today, Prism Electronics deliver printed circuit board assembly and additional contract electronic manufacturing services on a small-to-medium scale for many specialist and high-tech products.

In addition to manufacturing, their team works with clients to test and engineer solutions and ensure the electronics they manufacture reach the right destination around the globe.

“I’d put our longevity and success down not only to our manufacturing but the support we’ve shown our clients. Domino is a great example. We excel when we can work closely to test, develop and problem-solve so we produce the very best electronics for their needs” adds David.

In 2017, the Prism Electronics team was joined by Dave Dawson whose 30-year experience in semiconductor manufacturing led to him becoming General Manager in 2020. A key addition to the senior team, Dave is now driving Prism Electronics plans for growth over the coming years.

“We’re very proud of both the manufacturing and engineering excellence we deliver to our partners. A lot of modern manufacturing is about flexibility, value and responsiveness. It’s perhaps our engineering skills and dedicated account management that will pave our way for the next three decades too” says Dave.

Prism Electronics are embarking on a continued expansion of their existing operations including investment in new manufacturing technology and marketing to promote their capabilities to a broad range of potential clients.

“British manufacturing, and in particular the Silicon Fen area here in Cambridgeshire, rightly has a great global reputation. We know the future is not only about manufacturing excellence but being able to be a truly dependable partner for the innovative companies we support” concludes Dave.

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