Prism has provided an essential role helping Trackflow Ltd to bring to market an innovative wireless data transmission system. Since its launch, sales of the new synapse product have exceeded expectations significantly.

Launched in March this year, Synapse provides secure, reliable data transmission over a scalable wireless network. The system is designed for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications where it forms a safety critical installation used to exchange information and data between functions at high speed.


Staff with the wireless data transmission system it manufacturers for Trackflow Ltd.

Prism has worked with the engineering team at Trackflow since March 2005. It helped to take Synapse from its initial design, through to prototype stage, optimising it for production and then on to full manufacture. The company also sourced suitable, high reliability electronic components for the product.

“It was essential that we worked with a company that really knew what they were doing,” said Jerry Walker, director at Trackflow. “Because Synapse is a ‘safety critical’ installation once in use, each product must be produced to the highest standards to ensure total reliability.

“The fact that we are using wireless technology further compounds this. This technology can be highly sensitive to the smallest changes in manufacture – even slightly different solder pastes can affect its reliable operation in the field.

“It was essential that we had a manufacturing partner that fully understood this. I have complete confidence in Prism’s ability to supply.”

During the first week of its launch Trackflow received more orders for Synapse than existing products had generated over the past six months.

Prism supplies both the transmitter and receiver units for Synapse. These are manufactured on a Kan Ban basis, 1,000 units at a time, which are then supplied to Trackflow in batches of 100.