A world leading manufacturer of innovative medical equipment has retained St Ives-based contract electronics manufacturer Prism Electronics Limited as its lead supplier of electronic circuit boards.

Prism is a reliable and responsive manufacturing partner in the UK and overseas.

Prism is a reliable and responsive manufacturing partner in the UK and overseas.

The company relocated overseas but maintained its links with Prism as a supplier because of long-standing relationships and a history of open and honest communication stretching back to the initial design stages of the equipment.

The newly relocated equipment-maker needed a manufacturing partner that it could depend on to deliver highly reliable electronic boards to reduce risks of failure in the field. As a trusted key supplier, with a proven track record of manufacturing flexibility and reliability, Prism was the obvious choice.

Open communication and active account management meant that Prism was able to react effectively to customer changes while remaining flexible and responsive in spite of the geographical distances involved.

Prism manufactures products to IPC-A-610, an international standard for consistent manufacture and quality of workmanship. Through this Prism is able to deliver assemblies to high standards to help its clients manage quality, reliability and risk more effectively.

Prism business development director David Dickin said: “Customers need a manufacturing partner which can add value to the business by maintaining open relationships, providing advice and support through any and all company changes, including relocation overseas. Prism has the knowledge and expertise to provide a first-class service during the customer’s transition to overseas manufacture and beyond.”